felisorb cat litter

Felisorb® Cat Litter are made 100% from the hemp plant. The hemp plants are grown without the use of insecticides or pesticides. No chemical additives, binding materials or flavourings were used in the manufacturing process. The natural materials are granulated using a purely mechanical process and it regularly controlled for impurities and pollutants. As a result Felisorb® is both cleaner to use and lasts longer.

Felisorb® Cat Litter are an extremely environmentally friendly alternative – a truly eco-friendly choice.

Benefits of Felisorb®

Superior Absorbency and Dust Free-
Up to four times more absorbent than traditional clay litters, therefore reducing the amount of cat litter required and absorbs ammonia very efficiently, reducing its harmful effects on the respiratory system and reduces odour.

Economical to Use
1-3 cm Felisorb® Cat Litter is needed in the bottom of the litter tray, allowing easy removal of soiled product, which, added to the increased absorbency, means that it is an economic replacement of clay litters. Can be used for up to 12 weeks provided damp litter is removed..

Pleasant To Use
Absorption takes place in depth, retaining urine and odours at the bottom of the tray. Allowing easy removal of soiled product.

Reduce Tracking
The weight of the pellets enables them to remain in place when the cat scrapes its litter. The litter stays dry and odourless, and the cat returns there without hesitating. It comes out from it with its paws clean and dry.

Easy Disposal
You may dispose of the soiled litter either by flushing down a toilet, putting it in your compost bin, or simply mix it with the soil of yourgarden beds, as it soon rots down within 8 weeks into quality organic garden compost.

Environmentally Friendly
Made from annually renewable crops and is completely biodegradable, No trees were lost nor land degradation in making Felisorb® . The packing is made from recycled paper lined with recyclable lamination for moisture protection. Felisorb® offers an important contribution to conservation, and is good for the ecological and energy balance.

made from hemp felisorb offer the best absorbtion
Absorbency performance of respective Cat Litters

Accredited Independent Testing Laboratory has been commissioned to conduct Absorbency Performance Tests on respective Cat Litters.

It was reported that Felisorb® Hemp Pellets Cat Litter is four times more absorbent than traditional clay litters, therefore reducing the amount of cat litter required. To view detail of test report.

felisorb cat litter

felisorb animal bedding
Suitable As Small Animal Bedding

Chemical and Toxin Free

Felisorb® is suitable for all small animals bedding - rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and other small animals. It is also ideal as a litter for birdcages and aviaries. It does not contain any added chemicals that can be poisonous to some small animal. Hemp also has natural thermal insulation to help maintain warmth. The high absorbency protects against unpleasant odours and keeps the enclosure dry and clean.

Applications & Recommendations

Spread a clean and dry litter tray to a depth of 1-3 cm with Felisorb® Cat Litter

•  Regularly remove solid waste with a scoop.
•  Replace the litter completely when odours become noticeable
•  You may dispose soiled litter either by flushing down a toilet, putting in your compost bin or simply mixed
    with the soil of your garden beds, as it will soon rots down into quality organic garden compost

When switching to a new kind of litter it is best to introduce it slowly over a period of a week. Filling your litter tray with half Felisorb® cat litter and the balance with your old litter. Gradually, over the weeks, change the entire contents of the tray, mix in more of the Felisorb® cat litter, until by the end the tray is filled with the Felisorb® cat litter. Replacing soiled litter with new Felisorb® cat litter weekly.

felisorb pack Pack Size:
Felisorb® is available in 5 kg, 10 Kg and 15 Kg.