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Product: Sorbliss
Product: Mini-Hemp

Betty, Coolbellup, WA

I came across this product many years ago found it to be one of the best things for my rabbit litter tray.....Fantastic Now have been using it in my quail & budgie cages..

Recommend it highly...........excellent product indeed!

And best of all, just throw it on the garden when tray needs changing..........makes for great mulch....Brilliant !

L. Owen, Midlands

This is great for little guys, it's small so they can burrow right down with no trouble, no scent to hurt them like pine or cedar do, and it really absorbs their odours. I actually have to keep track of when I last changed the bedding so I don't go too long between changes because I rarely get any odour at all from the cage.

Diane K. Deane, O’Connor

As an owner of small animals and an allergy sufferer, this bedding is a perfect dust-free solution, without having to resort to synthetic bedding materials; which often contain trace amounts of toxins that can impact small pets like my chinchillas. This bedding is natural, odour-locking, absorbent and lasts much longer before needing changing. I've used this product for about a year now and wouldn't use anything else.

Nina, Lesmurdie

I bought this for my guinea pig, Huey. Mini-Hemp feels lovely and not sharp, like his previous bedding, aspen. It is dusty-free and surprisingly has not set off my asthma! Huey certainly approves - he has been busy digging tunnels for the last few days since I changed his bedding over to this.

Maria, Beechboro

This is an excellent product and very good for my guinea pigs. It is very soft for them and they both love digging into it. If you have not bought this before, buy it now, you will be happy and so will your pets. It is great value for money as there is a huge amount in the package.

Hazel, Wembley

My guinea pigs love Mini-Hemp and I used the soiled hemp on my garden and it has helped to keep the slugs and snails away from my flowers and blocks weeds. Two for one.

Jennifer, Aveley

Mini-hemp bedding goes a long way. It has a pleasant smell and any spills can be easily vacuumed up. It also keeps the smells under control. I find it to be the best bedding and as it's a big bag it goes a long way. I rate it 10 out of 10. An excellent get a bag - it's well worth it.

Lauren, Innaloo

I am new to Mini-Hemp and after using I can say that I highly recommend it. I have previously used sawdust, cardboard and cat litter but this is by far my favourite for my rats. My rats also seem to find it comfy to sleep on unlike other types of bedding.

Margie, Scarborough

My guinea pigs were developing skin problems from pine shavings. We could not find an alternative that wasn't paper based. I didn’t like the idea of using paper-based products, as my guinea pigs tend to chew and carry their bedding in their pouches, this made the paper swell up. I have also noticed that it doesn't get flung out of wire cages so easily so there is less mess on the floor! This large bale has lasted me ages and we use it generously in 4 cages.

Jesse. Kelmscott

My mice have a great time with Mini-Hemp – They love digging in it and moving it around the cage, and it's good to see them enjoying making tunnels and nests. The smell is pleasant, and it's nice and soft too. You get a massive amount for your money too!

Lorri, Pakenham

I have started using the mini hemp bedding and I have found that it is the best bedding I have used thus far. It absorbs my mice's smells and their habittrail cages do not smell like they normally would at the one-week mark.

Product: Biobase
Product: Hemparade


My horse is stabled most of the day and she deserves to be warm and dry. I have used various bedding over 20 years but nothing has worked. I started using Hemparade and what a difference it has made. The stable is now much drier and I top up less often.

Having found Hemparade, I will never look at anything else for bedding.


Hemparade keeps our horse “Cash” cosy and warm in winter and cool in summer. I wanted an easy and clean way to muck out as I work fulltime. Hemparade is so easy to clean out before going to work each morning and the time saving benefits are amazing, and has actually worked out very cost effective.


Being a horse owner for around 25 years, I have tried many different types of bedding and deep litter systems. I started the bed with 10 bales of Hemparade to deep litter him. I only muck out the droppings during the weekdays, during which the bed remained dry and clean with no shifting. On the weekends, I lifted the bed to remove the wet bedding and was really surprised just how easily this was done – the dry bedding had not mixed with the wet bedding at all and I could remove the wet bedding without wasting any of the dry bedding. There was hardly any waste at all.

I cannot believe how much time and money I have saved. I am now in the process of changing all my horses onto Hemparade.


One of my horses has problems with his respiratory system and can develop a cough especially in the summer when dust is prevalent. To avert this and to make sure he can be comfortable I decided to change from his straw bed to Hemparade as it’s suitable for horses needing a dust free environment.

It really is dust-free and it’s so absorbent. Hemparade is easy to manage and doesn't smell like most bedding.


Just tried out one stall. It’s got a nice smell. It gets a wee crust on top, which stops it blowing about as the door is gated. Easy to muck up poo, easier than shavings as Hemparade bedding falls through the tine fork leaving only the poo, hardly any waste at all and doesn’t stick as much. The wet doesn't spread and the poo stays on top. Very economical dust free bedding.


I always want the best for my horses and there is nothing better than Hemparade. I have used various bedding over 38 years and switching to Hemparade was one of my better decisions. Would highly recommend to all horse owners.

It's so absorbent you can just remove the wet patch without wasting any of the dry bedding. In fact one day I saw my mare did a big wee before I lead her into the paddock, on my return to try and remove the wet patch it was not there anymore. How’s that for absorbent.


Merlin has now been on Hemparade for a month, and I cannot believe how much time I have saved! So easy to muck out, has stayed dry and with hardly any waste. I was taking the bedding up every day before I started using Hemparade. Only used one bale for the month to top up. Hemparade has costed me less than pine shaving. It was totally worth changing to.


We have been through many different shavings and rejected many too - wood and straw shaving or pellets (terrible dust, respiratory irritation, and general mess everywhere), despite the producers claimed it to be "dust free".

We have worked with the Hemparade for over 9 months and what a different it has made! The stable is now much drier, clean and settled with no shifting. Very impressed with how dust free it is.

Easy to muck up and the volume of waste is minimal, in comparison to shavings and we have to top up much less often.

For a horse who has tidy habits it takes only a few minutes to clean the stall, For "dirty" horses it takes a little more time but still better than anything we have used before.

It is a great product, if you want a dust free clean stable. It’s very economical, considering the time saving in mucking and cost of adding more bedding.

Product: Bettasoft
Product: Bettamat