sorbliss hemp bettamat

BettaMat™ is made out of 100 per cent pure natural untreated hemp fibers. Therefore the product is completely hygienic and very suitable for nest building and animal bedding in cages.

BettaMat™ also a natural nesting material. Your animal can pick her nesting material out of the mat and build its nest.

The dust-free, natural material makes these mats especially suitable for pets with sensitive respiratory systems or allergies. They can even be used after surgery, as a helpful underlay for protecting wounds from contamination.

Economical and long lasting. It can be disposed of easily and hygienically, either by composting or recycling in with the organic waste.

BettaMat™ is quick and easy to laying out your pet’s bedding. Simply cut if required and lay on the bottom of the cage. Your small animal will soon be burrowing into the natural hemp.

Benefits of BettaMat™:

100 % natural hemp
Free from pesticides, chemical additives or added scents
Super absorbent - Absorbs odour and moisture
Virtually dust-free
Free of Vermin
Cleans the teeth
Soft nesting material encourages playing and promotes natural nesting.
Keeps the cage clean
Available in a variety of sizes, can be easily cut to size if required.
Bedding for Long Road Trip or Air Travel

OzHemp specializes in the production and marketing of hemp products in Australasia and would like to offer to you our Sorbliss® BettaMat a super absorbent non-woven hemp fiber mat as bedding for air travel or long road trip.

We are aware cat litter or any types of litters are not permitted in pet air travel and travel crates, Sorbliss® BettaMat is made from 100% biodegradable hemp fibre therefore the product is completely hygienic, comfortable soft bedding in the animal crate during long distance travel.

Sorbliss® BattaMat is suitable for most small animal such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodent, poultry, birds and reptiles.

Sorbliss® BettaMat keeps the crate dry and clean and insulates against heat, cold and sound. The super absorbency of Sorbliss® BettaMat will absorb any in-flight accidents and reduces odour. Sorbliss® BettaMat is dust-free, free from pesticides, chemical additives or added scents especially suitable for pets with sensitive respiratory systems or allergies.

Sorbliss® BettaMat is quick and easy for laying out your pet’s bedding. Available in 40 cm x 100 cm and 50 cm x 120 cm and can be simply cut to size if required and lay on the bottom of the crate

Sorbliss® BettaMat are available at most good pet stores at very competitive prices and attracting a great positive feedback from the customers.

BettaMat™ is available in three (3) sizes:

Standard: 20 x 40 cm
Large: 40 x 100 cm
X Large: 50 x 120 cm

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