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BettaSoft nesting material is made from 100% pure natural hemp fibre protects rodents and birds from draught and ensures a woolly warm. Due to the unique properties of hemp fibre, the nest stays dry longer and without unpleasant smells.

BettaSoft is identical to the materials used by animals for building their nests.


BettaSoft is easy to use, just place a tuft of the hemp fibre in the cage. The animal will then build its own soft and warm nest. After having been used BettaSoft is suitable for the organic waste container and after composting can be used as a biological fertilizer or the garden.


Made from 100% natural hemp and is free from insecticides, pesticides and chemical additives.

hemp based sorbliss small animal bedding
Natural softness of pure natural hemp fibre
Dust effectively removed
For a healthier environment
Inhibits bacterial growth naturally
Absorbs moisture and bad odour.
Easy to change
sorbliss pack

BettaSoft comes in re-sealable 50g bags

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