Felisorb Cat Litter

Felisorb® Cat Litter is made from 100% naturally grown hemp.

Hemp is grown without the use of insecticides or pesticides and no chemical additives, binding materials or flavourings have been used in the manufacturing process. The natural materials are granulated using a purely mechanical process and it regularly controlled for impurities and pollutants.

As a result, Felisorb® Cat Litter is cleaner to use and lasts longer than traditional cat litters, making it an extremely eco-friendly alternative for you and your pets.

Felisorb® Cat Litter is available at all major pet stores in 10 kg bags.



Felisorb® Cat Litter is up to four times more absorbent than traditional clay litters, resulting in less litter required for each application. It also absorbs ammonia very efficiently, reducing odours and its harmful effects on the respiratory system.


Dust and spores are extracted from Felisorb® Cat Litter to provide a cleaner litter environment. This is particularly important for animals with a respiratory disease, but also helps to prevent such problems from developing. Felisorb® Cat Litter is regularly batch tested for dust and spore counts by an independent laboratory.


Due to the weight of Felisorb® Cat Litter, the pellets will remain in place when your cat scrapes the litter tray. Felisorb® Cat Litter stays dry and odourless so your cat can come and go with its paws clean and dry.


You may dispose of the soiled litter by flushing it down the toilet, putting it in your compost bin or simply mixing it with the soil in your garden, as it will break down within 8 weeks into quality organic garden compost.


Only 1-3 cm of Felisorb® Cat Litter is needed to line the bottom of the litter tray, allowing for the easy removal of soiled products. This adds to its increased absorbency, making it a cost-effective replacement for clay litters. Felisorb® Cat Litter can be used for up to 12 weeks provided damp litter is removed.


Felisorb® Cat Litter is 100% biodegradable and is made from annually renewable crops, meaning no trees were lost nor land degraded for this product. The packaging is made from recycled paper lined with recyclable lamination for moisture protection.


Accredited Independent Laboratory tests have been commissioned to conduct Absorbency Performance Tests on respective cat litters. The analytical report showed that Felisorb® Cat Litter is four times more absorbent than traditional clay litters, therefore reducing the amount of cat litter required.

Click here to view further details of our test report.


Spread a clean and dry litter tray to a depth of 1-3 cm with Felisorb® Cat Litter
  • Regularly remove solid waste with a scoop
  • Replace the litter completely when odours become noticeable
  • You may dispose of soiled litter either by flushing it down the toilet, adding it to your compost bin or simply mixing it with the soil in your garden bed as it will break down into quality organic garden compost

When switching to a new kind of litter, it is best to introduce it slowly over the period of a week. Fill your litter tray with half of your old litter and the balance with Felisorb® Cat Litter. Over the next few weeks, gradually change the entire contents of the tray to mix in more of Felisorb® Cat Litter, until the tray is only filled with Felisorb® Cat Litter.

Replace soiled litter weekly with fresh Felisorb® Cat Litter.

Suitable for Small Animal Bedding

Felisorb® Cat Litter is also a suitable bedding material for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, chickens and birds.

It does not contain any added chemicals or toxins that can be poisonous to some small animals.
Hemp provides natural thermal insulation to help maintain warmth and the high absorbency protects against unpleasant odours to keep the enclosure dry and clean.

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