THERMO HEMP  is a high-quality insulation material made from fibre of the industrial hemp plant. A natural (and sustainable) product with exceptional insulating properties. The unique thermal, moisture-regulating properties and acoustic effect of hemp fibre contribute distinctly to a healthy and sustainable living environment.

Insulation with THERMO HEMP

Your advantage

Pleasant cool under the roof in summer

Natural and healthy indoor climate

through the natural raw material characteristics of the hemp fibre.

natureplus® certified

Insulation for healthy living, the installation and use is completely harmless and there is no pollutant emission to people or environment.

Soda is used as fire protection

A natural salt which is also used in the food production (backing powder).

No mould growth

Best mark “0” in the test for the susceptibility to mould.

Moisture regulating

The capillarity of the plant fibre remains intact, moisture is derived by the hemp fibre through the construction from the outside and/ or the inside.

Positive CO2 balance and sustainability

by using annually renewable raw materials

Very good lambda value

λλ10, dry / m· K 0,0396 W / m·K

Excellent summer heat protection

Ideal phase shift of 9.8 hours with 22 cm THERMO HEMP. This corresponds to a conventional installation of more than 40 cm glass wool insulation.

Glass wool: 20 kg/m3, λ 0.035 W/m· K, c= 830 J/(kg·K)


THERMO HEMP  insulation products are suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of roofs, façades and floors in new and existing constructions. This material is the wonderful natural alternative to synthetic and mineral insulation materials. Besides traditional construction techniques, our product is ideal for timber frame constructions. When THERMO HEMP   materials are used in ‘vapour-permeable’ building constructions, the unique qualities of this natural product become even more enhanced.

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