OzHemp Pty Ltd has been established to commercially develop the many derivative products that can be produced from the cultivation of the hemp plant.

Industrial Hemp is a tall annual herb that is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species. Native to Asia, it is now widespread as a multi-use crop valued for its bast fibre and hurd. Hemp is tremendously versatile and a truly low-maintenance crop. It has the strongest fibre of all the vegetable fibres and has amazingly high yields of production per acre. Growing hemp means less land would have to be reserved for farming and more land would be available for native flora and fauna to exist.

OzHemp has been instrumental in developing the markets for hemp animal bedding, hemp cat litter, hemp horticultural products and hempcrete constructions in Australia and New Zealand.


Hemp is grown without any insecticides or pesticides and is processed without any chemical additives. Hemp bedding has natural antibacterial properties that prevent diseases and infections making it a healthy, hygienic and natural choice. There is very little chance of animals and pet owners being exposed to any nasty chemical transfers, allergic reactions or respiratory issues when using hemp as it is virtually dust-free. Being wonderfully comfortable and warm, hemp is also used as a nesting material simulating the natural nesting behaviour of pets.


Hempcrete is a bio-composite building material for construction and insulation that is made from a mixture of hemp hurd, lime and water. Hempcrete walls, ceilings and roofs have superior thermal properties which removes the need for additional layers of insulation and reduces the overall amount of energy used throughout the lifetime of the building. Due to the exceptional thermal performance and airtightness of Tradical® Hempcrete, these buildings will require minimal heating and cooling, making it an extremely comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. Building with Tradical® Hempcrete is a sustainable construction method using high-grade hemp that is grown and processed without any harmful substances and with minimal environmental impact.


Our horticultural products are made from industrial hemp, a completely natural material guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals and contaminants. Along with being the perfect soil improver, our hemp horticultural products also help to prevent weed and moss formations and protect against dehydration, cold and frost. Suitable for all ‘garden’ sizes from farmlands to balcony planters.


OzHemp wishes to acknowledge the custodians of this land, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation and their Elders past and present. OzHemp acknowledges and respects their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

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