BCA Codemark Certificattion

Tradical® Hempcrete, materials set the standard in hempcrete construction. Tradical® Hempcrete have been developed in collaboration with professionals to meet their expectations and have been used on a wide range of construction sites for the past 20 years with unrivalled functional reliability and no distress observed to date.

Considered to be the building industry’s highest level of product assurance, CodeMark is a certification scheme managed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

CodeMark™ gives users the confidence that their building compiles. Building materials, forms of construction and designs can come under this scheme.

The BCA CodeMark allows the building industry to ensure nationally consistent, minimum necessary safety standards in building and construction. This includes fire construction, health, amenity and sustainability. The BCA CodeMark protects builders and clients alike, by imposing strict safety regulations that need to be legally met on every building project. BCA CodeMark is the only certification scheme that delivers this total compliance.

  • Offering increased credibility and acceptance, boosting consumer confidence in, Tradical® Hempcrete as well as ‘certified builders”.
  • Assurance, that the Tradical® Hempcrete system meets stringent national standards, encompassed by CodeMark™ Accreditation.
  • Helps manage risk and legal liability.
  • Increase confidence in building products and practices

It means total peace of mind. With CodeMark certification, home owners can breathe easy knowing that Tradical® Hempcrete delivers compliance to the BCA in relation to building requirements; while builders, architects, designers, and building certifiers can breathe easy knowing that they are indemnified from legal liability in relation to product

*Refer to conditions and limitations noted on certificate.

Certificate of Conformity

Click here to view BCA Certificate of Conformity. or click on the badge to access CertMark to verify our certification.

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