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Witchcliffe EcoVillage in WA’s South West is set to become one of the world’s first fully integrated villages to be self-sufficient in renewable energy, water and fresh food.

Stay tuned for updates on new Tradical® Hempcrete homes being built in 2022 in the Witchcliffe EcoVillage

Tradical® Hempcrete Home
Tradical® Hempcrete Home Australia Fireplace


A large-scale extension, providing space for an office and an open living area with a mix of raw and rendered finishing.

A stunning result which compliments this beautiful contemporary beachside home in WA’s Margaret River region.

Completed in 2021 with Tradical® Hempcrete by The Hempcrete Company.


A beautiful hempcrete home built in the vast agricultural and pastoral landscape of Southern Queensland.

Completed in mid 2021, homeowner Victor Fluri chose to build his home with Tradical® Hempcrete.

BCA Certified Tradical Hempcrete House in QLD
Tradical® Hempcrete Home Australia


Alexia Jankowski and her partner Ben Whitaker decided to hand build this three-bedroom home on a five-acre bush block in WA’s South West.

Their goal was to build a house that was as low impact on the environment as possible, with the couple’s home also being solar passive.

Completed in 2021 with Tradical® Hempcrete by New Earth Living.


Set on a new block outside Byron Bay, Ridgeview House offers a creative and conscious alternative for suburban living.

Completed in 2020 with Tradical® Hempcrete by Balanced Earth Building.

BCA Certified Tradical Hempcrete House in NSW
Tradical® Hempcrete Home New Zealand


Due to the location of this build, the house needed to be constructed on pole foundations, so heavier natural building techniques had to be ruled out, such as rammed earth, mudbrick, or even light earth.

As Tradical® Hempcrete is less than one tenth the weight of concrete (at 330kg per cu/m), it was the most feasible material to construct on a supported and braced platform.

Completed in 2020 with Tradical® Hempcrete by owner Toby Ricketts.


A modest extension to a late 1800’s poured earth cottage in the Adelaide Hills. The brief required a new master suite, bathroom and study, which connected to the original house across a glazed bridge.

The hempcrete walls provide one of the highest thermal efficiencies and as a true natural material, has the health benefits of breathability, is fireproof and sequesters carbon.

Completed in 2019 with Tradical® Hempcrete by Spacecraft.

Tradical® Hempcrete Home Australia


This beautiful hempcrete cottage sits in a little piece of paradise next to the babbling LaLa creek.

LaLa Retreat was completed in 2019 with Tradical® Hempcrete.


A stunning carbon-neutral, completely off-grid and self-sustaining home built with Tradical® Hempcrete.

Over 70 tonnes of CO2 has been stored in these hempcrete insulating walls, located in North Eastern NSW.

Completed in late 2019 with Tradical® Hempcrete by Fenech Building.

BCA Certified Tradical Hempcrete House in NSW
Tradical® Hempcrete Home Australia

Shepherds Ground Farm & Village, NSW

This idyllic community is nestled within over 100 hectares of organic farmland to create a place for the renewal of rural village life; with small viable farming ventures and businesses, sustainable clustered housing and simplified living that stimulates cultural expression, listening to the land and connectedness to country.

Completed in late 2019, Sally and Craig Maguire chose to build with Tradical® Hempcrete.

SkyFarm, Byron Shire NSW

Award winning architect Michael Leung and his partner, Tiffany Gee built their new main home and studio with Tradical® Hempcrete and recycled timber.

Nestled in the beautiful countryside, these buildings offer excellent thermal insulation that buffers temperature and humidity while preventing dampness and mould growth, making the building a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Tradical® Hempcrete Home Australia


This is Australia’s first Apiary Therapy Centre. Beehives have been built into the hempcrete walls to provide specialist vibration therapy by laying on top of the hives, as well as air therapy by breathing in conditioned air filtered through the beehives.

The Tradical® Hempcrete walls create pristine conditions within the facility, regulating air quality, temperature and humidity for the residents, visiting clients and bees.

DecoHousing Eco-Village, DENMARK WA

DecoHousing Denmark eco-village is a development of 12 sustainable hempcrete units located just 250 meters from the town of Denmark, WA.

The largest hempcrete development in Australia, DecoHousing has been purposefully designed to strike a balance between private spaces and shared areas, allowing the residents to live in a sustainable eco-village.

Completed in 2018, the DecoHousing Denmark Group chose to build with Tradical® Hempcrete.

Tradical® Hempcrete Home Australia
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