Hemparade Horse Bedding

Hemparade® is made from the woody core of 100% naturally grown hemp with no insecticides or pesticides used in the cultivation.

Suitable for all hoofed animals, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, poultry and bird.

Hemparade® is available at all major stockfeed supplies and pet stores in bales of approx. 14 kg (140 L).


Hemparade® is softer and more comfortable than other bedding materials, so horses are more likely to lay down and achieve full sleep cycles. 

The high thermal rating of hemp will keep the horses warmer while they sleep, reducing the potential for colds. Hemparade® contains far less dust than hay or straw so it is better for the respiratory systems of the animals and their owners. Hemparade® is also less prone to harbouring mould and fungus due to its natural anti-bacterial properties. The open structure and pores of the hemp hurd ensures excellent ventilation, putting an end to unpleasant smells caused by rotting and fermenting bedding.

The most important thing about hemp bedding is to disturb the bed as little as possible, remove droppings regularly, wet patches occasionally and topping up as required. Unlike other bedding materials, the horse stalls do not have to be cleaned out entirely when using Hemparade®, resulting in savings from the cost of labour and materials in setting up the stall again.

Hemparade® is ideal for horse hooves as it forms a springy, insulating bedding and its structure prevents it from clogging hooves. The acidification of other stable beddings such as wood shavings regularly leads to hoof damage. Farriers rarely come across incidents of hoof rot or other problems where hemp bedding is used. Hemparade® is the recommended choice by veterinarians.

Further advantages to the stable when using Hemparade® includes less storage space required and a smaller quantity of stable waste. In the space of just two to three months, Hemparade® can transform your dung heap into valuable organic garden compost as it is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Hemparade® is unpalatable to virtually all horses, but if the bedding is seen to be eaten, sprinkle it with a weak solution of eucalyptus extract to discourage the habit. A horse that is eating its bedding usually indicates other problems such as a deficiency in their diet or boredom.
In these cases, please consult a veterinarian.

Also available: BioBase®, a similar product to Hemparade® but treated with eucalyptus oil.

Better Absorption

The natural absorption capacity of Hemparade® is considerably higher than that of conventional materials, resulting in reduced material usage. Moisture, odours and ammonia are absorbed more rapidly resulting in smaller wet areas that are noticeable less often.

Dust-free and Moisture Regulating

Unlike wood shavings and straw, Hemparade® is virtually dust-free and has a moisture-regulating effect. Veterinarians advise using hemp bedding for horses with an allergy or respiratory problem and it is equally ideal for anyone caring for horses who may also suffer from similar problems.

Labour and Cost Savings

Using Hemparade® results in savings in the cost of labour and materials, as the bedding can remain longer in the stable before requiring cleaning. The stable consumption is therefore also considerably lower compared to straw or wood shavings.


If the stable is clean and empty, simply put down sufficient Hemparade® to provide the depth of bedding you require or to the base level of 120 – 150 mm.  An average of 8-10 bales are required for a 12′ x 12′ stall to be spread evenly over the floor, banking up the sides if required. More bales are required for larger areas to create a base layer with a depth of 120 – 150mm.

Once all the bedding has been laid down, sprinkle 5 litres (1 gallon) of water for every bale used. Leave the bedding to settle for at least a few hours to allow time for the water to activate the bed.

If the stable has an existing bedding of shavings, chopped straw or anything similar already laid down, there is no need to completely remove this before starting a new bed of Hemparade®. Just muck out as per normal, but gradually move the existing bedding towards the centre of the stall and add Hemparade® around the sides over a period of time. Using this method, there is no need to add water to the bedding to let it settle.

From then on, disturb the bedding as little as possible, other than removing droppings regularly, wet patches occasionally and topping up as required. There is no need to add more water after the initial watering has been completed.

The average amount for replenishing a stall is approximately one bale per month, depending on the amount of bedding removed during mucking.

As less Hemparade® is used, less bedding will need to be removed from the stable, making a smaller muck heap that will rot down more quickly than shavings. You could give this used hemp bedding a second life as a beneficial compost or mulch for the garden.

1. Lay down Hemparade®

Lay down a clean stall with one bale for every 1.5m2 – 2m2. Once all the bedding has been laid, sprinkle 5 litres of water for every bale used. Leave to settle for at least a few hours to allow time for the water to activate the bed.

2. Minimal daily maintenance

Remove damp patches and manure regularly with a fine tined fork.

3. Replenish with fresh Hemparade®

Maintain the thickness of the bedding in each stall by replenishing with fresh bedding. The average amount for replenishing is approx. one bale per horse per month, depending on the level of stall maintenance and the horse’s habits.

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