The use of Tradical® Hempcrete in the Australian building market is still relatively young compared to the decades of experience that has been gained with this material abroad. For example, in countries like England, France and Belgium the product has been used over a much longer period and on a much larger scale.

Dry and finished Tradical® Hempcrete is lightweight, strong, breathable, insulating and functions as a particularly efficient moisture regulator. The temperature and the moisture content in the building remain constant while the outdoor climate changes during the day. In addition, it also offers excellent sound insulation. It is for these reasons that Tradical® Hempcrete is used in facades, roofs, attics, walls, floors and basements for new constructions as well as renovation and restoration projects.

It is ideal for the renovation and restoration of existing buildings as it is processed directly against or in existing structures, which also applies to cellars and stone walls. Tradical® Hempcrete is used without the use of foils and vapor barriers.

Tradical® Chanvribat® Building Grade Hemp Hurd/Shiv

Tradical® Chanvribat® is used to make insulating hempcrete and hygrothermal renders using Tradical® Thermo or PF70 and Tradical® PF80 or Batir, with lime and hemp aggregate blends that comply with the French Professional Rules for the Construction of Hempcrete Structures. The mix proportions are prepared in line with the Tradical® Hempcrete brochure, according to the type of structure used.

Tradical® Chanvribat® is a building grade plant-based material made from raw hemp hurd, which – once verified as complying with strict specifications – can be used in the building sector as an insulation and construction material.

Tradical® Chanvribat® is designed for producing Tradical® Hempcrete insulating walls, insulating linings, insulating roofs and hygrothermal renders, for new constructions or renovations of all kinds such as houses, apartment buildings, public and tertiary buildings and many more.

Tradical® Thermo Lime Binder

A ready-to-use pre-formulated binder with an aerial lime base combined with hydraulic lime, pozzolanic lime and a patented new lime.

The advantages of using Tradical® Thermo is it provides better thermal resistance by 15%, which reduces the required wall thickness, and has a shorter drying time of 28 days. A shorter drying time will allow you to render your walls earlier and complete the project in lesser time.

Tradical® Thermo is used to prepare Tradical® Hempcrete for insulating walls, insulating linings, insulating roofs and insulating screeds for all kinds of new constructions or renovations on houses, apartment buildings, tertiary and public buildings and many more.

Tradical® PF70 Lime Binder

A ready-to-use pre-formulated binder with an aerial lime base (75%) combined with hydraulic lime (15%) and pozzolanic lime (10%).

The setting time for Tradical® PF70 is approximately 8-12 weeks, subject to atmospheric conditions. Just add fine aggregates and water in the required proportions and you will have a mortar that is highly workable, flexible and of appropriate strength. In addition, it will bring breathability and long-lasting performance to enhance your building project, adding value that any end-user will appreciate.

In combination with good design and construction, Tradical® PF70 mortar can enhance the visual appearance of your brickwork and provide a distinct, durable and low maintenance end product.

Tradical® PF80 Lime Render

A formulated render based on aerial lime (85%), hydraulic binders (15%) and mineral fillers, Tradical® PF80 has water repellent properties suitable for external and wet area applications.

Suitable for mixing with aggregates (sand) and water to use in soft stone masonry, for repointing on old substrates and to form a traditional finishing coat or single-mass render.

Tradical® Batir Lime Render

A formulated lime for traditional renders and masonry, Tradical® Batir is a versatile product with an easy-to-adjust smoothness that can be adapted to all material types and hardness in situ.

Tradical® Batir can be used both indoors and outdoors on Tradical® Hempcrete and on all kinds of clean and sound mineral substrates.

Tradical® Décor Aerial Lime Render

Tradical® Décor is a thin, ready-to-mix aerial lime render for interior smoothing and finishing.

Whether it’s a wall that needs to be renovated or larger projects such as collective housing, Tradical® Décor saves a huge amount of time on work sites as it is quick to apply either manually or mechanically.

Suitable for a wide range of substrates including Tradical® Hempcrete, bricks, gypsum plasterboards, old paints and old renders. No solvents or co-solvents are emitted during the preparation, application, drying and subsequent use of Tradical® Décor.

Tradical® Pont d’Adhérence

A ready-to-mix powder for manual application as a keying primer for interior substrates. Tradical® Pont d’Adhérence is designed for indoor use to prepare vertical walls, ceilings, arches and between joists before you apply the finishing lime render of Tradical® Décor.

Tradical Hempcrete La chaux performance lime

Tradical® PF55

Tradical® PF55 is a lime binder formulated with an aerial lime base (55%) and hydraulic and pozzolanic binders for masoning and rough-rendering.

It is mixed with aggregates (sand) and water to form a mortar suitable for laying natural stone, all types of rubble stone (except very soft stone), concrete blocks, solid bricks, briquettes, traditional base coats, prepared coats and sub-renders.

Tradical® PZ Lime Render

Tradical® PZ is a pozzolanic lime render designed for adding aggregates to prepare restoration mortar for substrates prone to capillary rises. Also suitable for old masonry exposed to capillary rises and/or various salts such as nitrates, chlorides and sulphates.

Tradical® Thermo Préfa Lime Binder

Tradical® Thermo Préfa is specially formulated for the prefabrication of insulating blocks, walls, floors or insulating sloping structures.

Tradical® Thermo Préfa is prepared by mixing with Chanvribat® hurd and water in the required proportions. Its drying time is between 15-30 mins for products prepared and used on site, depending on the ambient temperature.

Tradical® Thermo Préfa and Chanvribat® can be used to make customised insulating blocks and panels for walls, linings, screeds, roofs and floors in unused roof space.

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