MiniHemp Hurd animal bedding for small animals, birds, chickens, rats and mice.

MiniHemp® small animal bedding is suitable for all hoofed animals, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, chickens and birds. It provides a hygienic and comfortable pet habitat and is also perfect for cat litter boxes.

MiniHemp® is available in all major pet stores in the following sized packs:
12L (±0.8kg), 48L (±3 kg) and 100L (±10Kg).

MiniHemp® is an entirely natural renewable resource, grown without pesticides and processed without chemical additives.

MiniHemp® is biodegradable and decomposes rapidly into quality compost as it originates from an annual plant. It is not palatable to animals due to its limited nutrient content.

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Better Absorption

People using MiniHemp® are always amazed by its absorbency. The natural absorption capacity of hemp wood is considerably higher than that of conventional materials, which results in reduced labour and material usage. Moisture, odours and ammonia are absorbed better and more rapidly. As a result, wet areas tend to be smaller and noticeable less often.

Dust-free and Moisture Regulating

Great care has been taken to clean and refine each bag of MiniHemp® to ensure a consistent product. We have removed the dust and spores from MiniHemp® through a unique dust extraction process. You will find that MiniHemp® provides a very clean stable environment due to the dust extracted and ammonia absorbing qualities.

Veterinary surgeons advise using hemp bedding for animals with allergy or respiratory problems. It is equally ideal for the people caring for the animals who may suffer from similar allergic reactions.

MiniHemp® also provides a hygienic and comfortable pet habitat due to the above qualities. After use, it is suitable for organic waste disposal and after composting, it can be used as a biological garden fertilizer.



MiniHemp® is capable of absorbing far more moisture than either straw or wood shavings and any wet areas that have to be removed are small by comparison. It makes for a warm and comfortable bed that provides good insulation against the cold and protection against injury.


MiniHemp® also absorbs ammonia very efficiently, reducing its harmful effects on the respiratory system and reduces odour.


MiniHemp® is quick and easy to maintain, staying drier and lasting longer than conventional materials. It should be disturbed as little as possible, with the wet material removed as required.


MiniHemp® is supplied in watertight heat-sealed polythene bales, which are convenient to handle and can be stored inside or out.


Dust and spores are extracted from MiniHemp® to provide a cleaner stable environment. This is particularly important for animals with a respiratory disease, but also helps to prevent such problems from developing. MiniHemp® is regularly batch tested for dust and spore counts by an independent laboratory.


MiniHemp® is biodegradable and decomposes into quality compost within just a few weeks as it originates from an annual plant.


Less MiniHemp® is needed to do the same job as other materials. With its high absorbency, wet areas tend to be smaller and noticeable less often. It is easy to use and cost effective.


MiniHemp® is made from a sustainable source and is completely biodegradable.

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